Grow Station Education

This little grow station has gotten me through many Utah winters, but in the past year it started underperforming. The seeds would germinate but then fail to get more than an inch or two tall. 

First, I thought it was inconsistent watering, so I made myself a watering schedule and stuck to it for a change. But the problem persisted. 

Then, I thought it was a soil issue, so I applied some of our homemade compost. But the problem persisted. 

Finally, a friend generously gave us some new light tubes. Within a week the plants made more growth than they had in the past month and finally began to thrive. 

What I learned? 

I need to keep better track of how old my lights are. I've changed them out before but I have not been tracking how frequently they have been changed or how it has affected plant growth. Not too big of a deal on this small scale, but that would be valuable info if I ever expand in the future. 

Thank you, John, for getting this little grow station growing again :)