This is an index of the books I've reviewed on this blog. As you might notice, all the reviews are good! Why is that you ask? If you didn't ask yourself that, you definitely should, followed by "what is she trying to sell me?"

But it's simple -  I love good books and I want to share them. I AM a librarian after all. 

But why no bad reviews?
I'm extremely sensitive to criticism of my own writing, so I'm not about to trash someone else's book on my little blog! 

So No Sales... Yet...?
At some point, I may try to get this blog to pay for itself with ad links, but currently that is not the case. I will be transparent if that ever changes. 

For the time being, these books are just books I highly recommend because I love them. Most I found at our public library, and for many, after reading them I chose to buy them. But you can probably find them at your library, too!

A note to authors: 
If you would like me to review a book of yours, I would love to! If I don't like it, I will politely explain in a private message and I will not post a public review. If your book is at the library, I can borrow it. If you send me a book and want it back, please provide return shipping postage.

The Book Review Index

This will get organized as the list grows...