Welcome to Taylor’s Tiny Farm! I started this blog to share stories and lessons learned in our mini-farming journey. I’ll be posting about our adventures growing both annual and perennial foods, preparing and preserving the harvest, book reviews, and homesteading in an urban setting. You can read more about the goals of this blog on the “About” page.

Our journey into mini-farming officially began in August of 2017 when we bought a small home on a 0.12 acre of land in Ogden, Utah. Up until that time, my partner and I had been moving regularly all around the United States. This house was our son Taylor’s THIRD home, and he wasn’t even two when we moved in! While we have had many awesome adventures along the way, I’m well ready to put down some roots.

We moved around. A lot. 

Despite the tiny plot of land we have, it took a huge effort to get it ready for food production – mainly in the removal of 2 metric tons of garbage left by the prior owners. That didn’t fully finish until the late fall of 2018, as we (and by we, I really mean my partner, because he loves me) had to dig out the last bit of trash using a pick-ax.

It has been a crazy first year, and I can’t wait share our process of getting our mini-farm going and everything we have gained because of it. It’s been a lot of work, with more to come, but it has been totally worth it!

By the end of our first year, we had a successful garden and were already expanding again!