Ogden Seed Swap!

Hey, you! Yeah - you! Are you local? Do you want some local seed for your garden this spring?


Come to the Ogden Seed Savers Seed Swap on Saturday, February 9th at Ogden Preparatory Academy (1415 Lincoln Ave,
84404) from 10am to noon.


This year they are only allowing locally grown seed to be sold or traded. That means that the plants grown from these seeds will already have one generation of adaptation to our wacky weather. And dude, our weather is whack.

Anyway, I will be there, and I'm excited to say I will be providing seed grown here on Taylor's Tiny Farm :)

I will have available:
Hopi Pale Grey Squash
Butternut Rogosa Violina "Gioia" Squash
Cherokee Purple Tomato
Cherokee Black Beans

This week, I'm going to (try to) post a plant profile for each variety. We'll see how that goes, haha!

I'm excited for next year, too. If things go well this season, I'll have some seed available from my biennials - carrots and kale. But we'll see how things go :)

Hope to see you there!