More spring prep!

Just a quick post to update folks on our spring garden prep work.

This weekend, Taylor and I created a "raised bed" out of mulch for our future blackberries. I had been delaying doing that because we don't really have the budget for materials due to other priorities, but I really want to get the blackberries in this spring. It finally occured to me that I could just use the giant pile of wood mulch we got for free from Chip Drop.

We raked up a ring of mulch to have a roughly 3x12 interior bed area. Then I broke up the clay soil with the madock. Finally, I mixed in about 30 gallons of coffee compost and two giant bags of leaves from last fall.

I ordered some fancy berry bushes from Indiana Berry Company. I know I could have saved some $$$ by getting starts from friends (thanks for offering y'all!), but I really wanted some upright bushes.

The bushes should arrive in the 1st week of April. Hopefully the bed will have time to settle by then. Knowing me, I'll probably go out there and mix in more soil goodies before then.

Happy spring gardening!