Happy Arbor Day!

Arbor Day

To plant a tree! How small the twig,
And I beside it - very big.
A few years pass; and now the tree
Looks down on very little me.
A few years more - it is so high
Its branches seem to touch the sky.
I did not know that it would be
So vast a thing to plant a tree.

By Dorothy Brown Thompson

Arbor day is typically celebrated the last Friday in April, but there are a few states that celebrate on a different day based on the best planting time in that area. This year I became a member of the Arbor Day Foundation when I purchased my 3 hazelnut "trees." Hazelnuts are fun because you can cultivate them to be a tree or shrub - and we're training ours to be edible privacy shrubs.

I hope they grow fast! It's supposed to take 4-5 years for them to start producing nuts, which seems like forever right now. Are you planting any trees this year?

Happy Arbor Day,