Garlic Harvest

I just harvested half of our garlic and wanted to share some photos. This is my first year growing softnecks, which I received thanks to generous local gardener Gregg Batt, one of the founders of the Ogden Seed Exchange.

I'll post again or comment with all the garlic names; I have them written down in my logs but can't remember them off the top of my head. I harvested a bit earlier than I should have, but still managed a lovely yield. I hope to have enough for our cooking needs for the year, for replanting, and for sharing. This is a gift that keeps on giving :)

My Romanian Red Hardneck is still in the ground. I also have a small red Hardneck from Greg that I grew in pots. Due to their location in full sun on the south wall of the house, they were ready 2 weeks ago! Microclimates are fun.

I will be moving my strawberries to the main old garlic bed once they are done producing for the year. It has been well ammended and after a season of garlic, it is fairly pest free. I've sown some white clover as a cover crop in the meantime. It will be my first time cover cropping with clover, so it's a bit of an experiment.

The bed where the strawberries currently are is too shaded and difficult to work in - it is too wide and built on top of a retaining wall. I want to re-do it and try some shade loving perennials there.

That's all for now! Hope you all are well and staying safe.