Seed Bombs

 T and I needed some fresh air, so today we made Seed Bombs! We "harvested" local clay (meaning: dug a hole in the backyard), and I previously gathered seeds from some wild milkweed that is growing near our house. Add a little water to the clay, make balls, insert seeds, and viola! Seed bombs!

Making seed bombs is great sensory play and can foster discussions about native flowers, endangered species, conservation, and more. 

We also worked in some scientific method principles by starting a long-term experiment -- what will germinate better: a seed bomb or scattered seed. We found a few sites around our yard and sowed the same number both types near each other, marking which is which. In the spring, we'll see which did better or if they did the same :)

We hope you'll try this yourself and let us know how it goes. Feel free to reach out if you are worried about finding local, non-invasive seeds and identify appropriate places to sow them <3