Happy Winter Solstice

 Last night, I was outside feeding the cat when she and I both heard crunching leaves. Looking out in the yard, I couldn't see any creatures wandering around but we kept hearing them.

Catty went off into the dark to investigate so I followed her. After holding still in the darkness for a bit, I was able to see the leaves on the ground were moving, seemingly on their own as the was no wind.

My anxiety must be doing great right now because instead of being terrified of ghosts or something, I was curious. I bent down and turned on my phone's flashlight to investigate one of the moving leaves -- and discovered a ginormous earthworm pulling the leaf into its burrow!

It was such a fun discovery that I ran inside to tell D and T, and soon we were all waiting quietly outside to witness more earthworms at work. After watching them for a while, T and I grabbed a big bag of saved leaves and tossed them onto one of the garden beds to feed the worms more. Then we danced in the moonlight, but on the patio so we didn't squish anybody ;)

Happy Solstice y'all <3