Garden Bed Re-Do

 One of my garden projects this spring is to re-do this bed. It's been choked out by grass, so I'm removing all the perennials and storing them in the greenhouse until I can replant them. 

The bed will get a mulch path around it as a buffer zone for the grass invasions of the future. The bed itself I'm going to dismantle, till out the current grass, then rebuild the stone wall. I'll lay down cardboard to smother out any grass that I miss and apply a think layer of mulch to keep the soil happy. Then I'll replant my perennials by pulling back the mulch and cutting holes in the cardboard just big enough for the perennials. 

I'm a little bummed that Past-Me didn't get to this project in the fall, because now I'll miss all the spring bulbs blooming. But at least I'm getting to it now, and bulbing flowers are forgiving. If all goes well, next spring will be gorgeous and I'll have far less weeding to worry about. 

If you're local and have any plain cardboard to get rid of, feel free to toss it over our fence. I always have uses for it in the garden, the bigger, the better :)